Eye Examinations


  • Patient Medical and Visual History
  • Automated/Computerized Pre-Testing
  • Autorefraction, autokeratometry, non-contact tonometry, and available Digital retinal photography
  • Subjective refraction
    A precise measurement of your glasses prescription
  • Cover tests/EOMs
    Binocular vision testing and eye muscle testing
  • Slit lamp examination
    A microscopic examination of the anterior structures of the eye
  • Direct and Indirect ophthalmoscopy
    Examination of the internal structures of the eye including the retina, nerve and vitreous.
  • Patient Counselling
    We discuss the results with you, so you understand what to expect and the plan of action.
  • Miscellaneous Tests
    These test are done when it is deemed necessary
  • Colour vision testing
  • Dilated fundus examination
  • Automated visual fields testing
  • Stereovision tests
  • Amsler Grid
  • Fluorescene stain
  • Others